How to use a Defib

If a casualty is not breathing it's important to call 999, start CPR (chest compressions) and get a defib (AED) on them as soon as possible, the chance of survival increase dramatically. You do not need to be qualified to use a defb and they promt you every step. All of our courses include defib training. Here is how to use one.


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Coughing during a heart attack - What the British Heart Foundation say...

This rumour has been doiing the rounds on Facebook, We are regularly asked about this at Life Performance, Here's the answer from the horses mouth.


Proceedure for child choking:

1. Check airway remove if visible (do not blind sweep)
2. Encourage to cough
3. Up to 5 back blows in between shoulder blades (if cleared, seek medical help if appropriate)
4. Up to 5 abdominal thrusts (soft area just below ribs, in and up) (if cleared, seek medical help)
5. Repeat
6. Call 999 after 3 cycles
7. Keep going with back blows and abdominal thrusts
8. CPR if casualty goes unconscious

                 Practice procedure every 3 months. It takes 5 minutes. Tell friends and family.